Knowing the Right Furniture to Buy For Your Bedroom

The average person spends about 8 hours of each day sleeping. This is about 33% of their entire day. If one were to look at the hours spent in the bedroom engaging in other activities such as reading, the total amount of time spent in the bedroom on average is significantly more than 8 hours. It thus follows that you should take a considerable amount of time to carefully think through the decor and ambience of the bedroom. Nothing is more at the core of accentuating the bedroom environment than the type of bedroom furniture collections you eventually settle on.

The furniture in your bedroom is the first thing you should think about when decorating your bedroom. Everything else (such as drapes, wallpaper, etc) must be worked around the type of bedroom furniture you choose. But getting it right as far as bedroom furniture goes is more than just buying fancy looking or expensive furniture. How you arrange the furniture matters too.

So how do you choose bedroom furniture? Well, the first thing you must consider is what the purpose and size of the room is. Using the bedroom for sleeping is a given, but you might have other things in mind that you would want to factor into your bedroom decor. If you intend to watch television, then look for a television stand. If it is reading, then a reading lamp, night-stand, and/or a book shelf may not be a bad idea. The bedside lamp is ideal especially if you will be sharing the bed with a partner as this will ensure you do not have to leave the main bedroom lights on just so you can read.

The size of your bedroom will also play a strong role in the type of bedroom furniture collections you want to buy. A large bedroom allows you to go for a larger number and larger size of furniture without crowding the room. However, having a small bedroom should not necessarily hinder you from coming up with creative ways of finding and fitting furniture that will make the best use of the existing space.

When it comes to arranging the furniture, the bed must take center stage in the room. It is for this reason that many bedroom furniture collections will focus on having the bed headboard facing the door, thus allowing the bed to first grab your attention when you or anyone walks into the room.

But this does not necessarily have to be the rule – there are people that consider an arrangement with the bed in direct sight of the door as an invasion of privacy. If you are someone who thinks so, you can always place the bed somewhere else. One place you must avoid placing the bed is right below the window as this will expose you to cold (during winter months), as well as bright sunlight entering the room early every morning (at the same time, the headboard will block sunlight coming into the room and give it a drab aura).

If you opt for bedroom furniture collections which include a dresser with a built in mirror, you should place the dresser directly opposite the window. The resultant reflection will shine throughout your room and help you make maximum use of the light from the window.