How to Secure Sliding Glass Doors

When it comes to securing the sliding glass doors of ones’ home from potential break-in, there are a number of myths as to what works best. The most prevailing: prevent the doors from sliding open and they are secured.

In the tracks at the base of the doors, people use all kinds of devices: two-by-fours, old broom handles, and even plastic PVC tubing. Others will tell you that the device has to be wedged higher – at the top of the door opening. Some purchase the hinged bars that attach at eye-level.

Not only are all these practices an eye sore, they will not prevent someone from burglarizing a home.

Consider for a moment how the rollers on the bottom of your sliding doors are repaired or replaced? A service technician simply lifts the door off the lower track to access the rollers. Burglars use the same method. They simply lift the door off the tracks. No broom handle will prevent this.

A best practice to securing your home’s sliding doors is to use a “pin lock”. A pin lock prevents the door from being lifted off the tracks. It also prevents the door from sliding open – a second benefit should you forget to lock the sliders before going to bed.

Pin locks typically cost less than $10 and can be purchased at any local hardware store. They are also avail from a number of online merchants. In addition, they can be installed in less than 30 minutes with only a drill and screwdriver. The National Crime Prevention Council, as well as a number of other nationally recognized crime prevention authorities, recommend pin locks as the best approach to securing sliding doors.

While the installation of pin locks is straight forward if one is handy with power tools, the biggest caution comes when drilling into the doorframes. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the locks. Better yet, have your trusted handyman perform the installation. A handyman will typically charge or estimate by the hour (with a one hour minimum). You might as well do all the sliders in your home, thus get the most out of his or her visit.

Of course, an old adage says, “If a thief rally wants what you have, they’ll steal it.” It is, however, common knowledge that thieves look for easy targets – one of opportunity. The easy target is the home without pin locks on the sliders.

The 5 Best Web Design Schools in the Philippines

Even if you graduate with a degree in IT or Computer science it does not give you complete training in web design and development. That’s because the discipline of web design is always changing and new internet technology comes out every minute. Even veterans and experienced designers can gain benefits by taking a short course in one of these design schools. You can also enroll for a refresher or just to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

5. Meralco Foundation Institute / Informatics (TIE)

These are the two pioneer web design schools in the Philippines. Meralco Foundation Institute (MFI) is a non-profit organization therefore the training fees as cheap. If you’re on a budget, MFI is the best school to enroll in.

Informatics is on the high-end but has convenient locations in the city, mostly inside malls. Their curriculum is up-to-date and certification is recognized world-wide.

4. Philippine Center for Creative Imaging
“The Premiere digital arts and Graphic design School in Philippines”

Philippine Center for Creative Imaging or PCCI is a multimedia and web design school Philippines located in the bustling business sector,Makati City. Intensive hands-on application is given attention in each course. The professors and owners themselves are leaders in online and offline graphics and multimedia organizations. Aspiring designers can pick from a variety of digital arts fields ranging from photography, graphic design web design.

3. University of the Philippines Information Technology Training Center (UPITTC)
“The most unique website design training in the Philippines”

UPITTC’s tagline is “Helping you Build a Solid I.T. Career”. I think that’ what most of us want from all the training we take. It is known for is its out-of-the-box teaching style.This unique approach which consist of a lot of class discussion, lab work and more on “practical” real world training versus textbook learning.

The faculty and trainers are mostly UP professors and consultants in the important technology sectors of the country. If you complete the course chosen and pass the final exam you will receive a prized certificate.

2. First Academy of Computer Arts

First Academy of Computer Arts provides training courses which include design theory, specialized expertise and harnessing creative imagination in digital graphic arts projects..Students learn design principles and gain hands-on experiences in graphic arts, motion graphics, web design and 3-D software through rigorous training programs.This is a top tier website design school in Philippines to get a certificate in digital multimedia design.

1.De La Salle University College of Computer Studies

If I were a new student looking for an IT school to get serious training, this is definitely the school I would go to. Most of the professors and teachers their selves are popular among the Philippines web development professional circle. DLSU multimedia training school concentrates in the evolving study of web development, graphic design and digital media. Students have the option to choose a course which they want to master varying from design, programming and even video graphics. De La Salle University is the first to offer a B.A. degree in multimedia arts in the country.

After finishing the course you take, don’t forget to continue studying on your own. Self-studying will still be the best school when it comes learning web design.

Spring Decorating

Ah, spring is in the air. Time for some cleaning out the garage, opening windows for some fresh air, and shaking off the last bit of the winter cold. Time to start hanging the clothes outside as well. As you can imagine, cleaning is not uncommon, right? What about decorating? Spring is an excellent time for decorating because not only is your mind free from of Winter, you can open windows, etc. to air out any painting and other decorating.

By the time summer comes knocking, the heat is starting to build up and you start cleaning because you have to keep up with your kid’s activities and all the other cleaning that is necessary…tracking in dirt, grass stains on clothing, mud. But through all this, we still find time to decorate during the summer. It seems to be some type of right of passage or something.

Spring time often eludes us when it comes time of the thought of decorating. Could it be that we are so preoccupied with the traditional spring cleaning that we do not think about the opportunities that spring can bring for decorating. To consider spring tie for decorating, one must approach it the in the same manner as any other time of year.

Spring time ideas…be careful. If you are going to consider a full redecoration of your home or a space within, do not get caught up with spring as your focus. Consider traditional colors that can be appropriate regardless of the time of year. You can though, take some pleasure in decorating with touches of spring, such as brightly adorning your home with flowers, etc. Look to complement your existing colors.

Relationship Constructing Technique – The Basics of a Link Building Strategy

What is Handbook Link Making and Who Utilizes It?

Guide Link Constructing is really a method of gaining incoming back links by going directly to a research site (search engines like Google) and requesting numerous internet sites to hyperlink to yours.

Many people trust the simplest method to get hyperlinks is to hire a program that does all the leg job available for you. In fact, building hyperlinks is patience-testing and tedious.

But other people think that there’s nevertheless a area for guide connection building while in the SOHO globe. Manual link-building is starting to become less and less often utilized in company however it is still to be one of the cheapest and successful strategies for small enterprises to rank nicely while in the lookup sites. And it operates particularly properly for local-specific companies.

Most would accept that it would not be the smartest move for small shops and neighborhood businesses to expend months ( or decades ) publishing articles and collaborating in social networking until they start for getting enough of their content material connected to to boost their research engine positions. Even if they do present great content, this does not suggest they’re going to be joined to.

This is especially correct for your sorts of companies who don’t truly need to do company over the internet.

They even now have that they are discovered on the internet, nonetheless. If you run a small business or you are doing SEO for a growing businesses, bear in mind that its okay to get some nearby directories and manually request some backlinks. Naturally, those people very few top paid directories like Yahoo, BOTW, and Small, are the ones that Google especially admires so it can’t hurt to request assist from them also. You can particularly win out if you ever don’t have very much competition. Just a well-optimized website and a few top quality incoming links could get you around the first page of any of the leading search engines. Another reason you might want to go with manual directory submission (even if you ever are not a tiny, nearby enterprise) is usually because probably the most respected and reputable directories have their personal custom application script which implies you should submit to them manually.

Automated gear basically cannot fill in individuals special types. So directory distribution expert services that use automated equipment to submit usually end up submitting to lower excellent directories that won’t really do whatever to improve the ranking of your internet site.

While automated distribution methods can fill within the types on specific submit pages, they don’t constantly fill in the date correctly so the distribution may be incomplete.

But it is not rare in a circumstances like this that the report you obtain announces your distribution went through when actually it didn’t. If the class is not identified correctly, a program will fail to submit too. These are just one or two factors you wish to avoid submission providers that use automated equipment. You can, however, choose distribution services that do the manual link building for you, without automated tools.